Antique display cabinets

Here is just a small selection of items we have on offer. Visit our 1000 square metre showroom to see our full range.

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218 - Western Australian headlight display c1930

211 -

191 - English 1930s burr walnut display case.

28 - English late 19th century display table

K281 - Edwardian mahogany display cabinet.

1000 - Lovely French walnut display cabinet. c1900

9224 - Edwardian mahogany display case c1910

142 - English walnut 3 door display case c1950

T301 - English oak 1920s display/bookcase. SOLD

171 - English walnut display case c1950

English Burr walnut Pier Cabinets PAIR! c1865

S141 - Edwardian mahogany display case c1910

9007- French mahogany tulipwood display case mid 1900s

Dutch Antique Display Case

Antique Dutch burr walnut bombe display case

Antique Louis XVI display case. c1910